AoSept Plus with HydraGlyde (90 ml)

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Solution with Peroxide, For sensitive eyes, Without preservatives
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Due to the impact of the AOSEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® triple cleaning effect, this solution delivers powerful cleaning, disinfection and neutralization effect.

The AoSept® Plus manufactured by Alcon has a powerful cleansing and wetting effect, thanks to the HydraGlyde® Moisturizing Matrix. This unique technology creates a wetting cocoon that surrounds the contact lens, thus ensuring the long-term moisture throughout the day.

Thanks to this technology, Hydraglyde® is particularly comfortable, its hydrophilic environment ensures the reduction of friction and aids wetting.

The lens case contains a neutralizing disk and little bubbles appear when the AOSEPT® HydraGlyde® PLUS solution is active. The combination of Triple Impact Cleaning with the HydraGlyde® Wetting Matrix provides irritant free comfort and clean all-day contact lenses.

Features of AoSept Plus with HydraGlyde (90ml):

  • Deep cleansing effect
  • Reduces lipid deposits and cell debris
  • Creates a barrier that neutralizes and removes protein deposits
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Peroxide cleaning solution

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