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SYSTANE ® BALANCE lubricating eye drops (10 ml)

Please read the following user guide carefully and keep it for future reference.

Instructions for use/ Patient information

Please read the following user guide carefully and keep it for future reference.


SYSTANE ® BALANCE lubricating eye drops is a lipid-based lubricating eye drop for the treatment of dry eyes.
SYSTANE ® BALANCE lubricating eye drops moisten the surface of the eye, replace and stabilize the lipid layer of the tear film and reduce excessive tear film evaporation.
SYSTANE ® BALANCE lubricating eye drops provide long-lasting relief from the symptoms of dry eyes, reducing burning and irritation.
SYSTANE ® BALANCE is a lubricating eye dropeye drops are a sterile, white emulsion containing propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl guar, mineral oil, dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerin, polyoxyl (40) stearate, sorbitol tristearate, boric acid, sorbitol, disodium edetate, and 0.001% POLYQUAD® ( contains polyquaternium-1) preservative. May contain hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment.

INDICATIONS (indications): SYSTANE® BALANCE lubricating eye drops are used to treat dry eyes: they temporarily eliminate the burning sensation and irritation caused by dry eyes.

CONTRAINDICATIONS (reasons why it should not be used): In case of allergy to the components of SYSTANE ® BALANCE lubricating eye drops , the use of the product is contraindicated.


SYSTANE ® BALANCE lubricating eye drops can be used throughout the day as needed. It can also be used to treat dry eyes that develop during contact lens wear: before putting on the contact lenses and after removing the lenses, put 1-2 drops in your eyes, then blink a few times.


It is important to follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist as well as the instructions for use. If you experience persistent discomfort in your eyes, or if you develop severe tearing, blurred vision, or redness, contact your doctor as the condition may worsen.
Temporary blurred vision or other visual disturbances may affect the ability to drive or operate machinery. If you develop blurred vision after application, wait for your vision to clear before driving or operating machinery.


  • For ophthalmic use only.
  • If the safety ring is loose after removing the cap, remove it before use.
  • To avoid contamination, never touch the dropper of the bottle to any surface.
  • If the emulsion becomes discolored, the product cannot be used.
  • After use, screw the cap back on.
  • To be stored at a maximum of 30°C.
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.
  • Use the product within the expiry date indicated on the packaging
  • OPENING PROTECTION: do not use the product if the protective cap is damaged or missing, or if the cap with opening protection is damaged. Do not use an opened or damaged product.
  • The product can be used for a maximum of six months after opening. Discard the remaining solution 6 months after first opening.
  • Keep away from children.
  • If swallowed, consult a doctor

SYSTANE® BALANCE lubricating eye drop emulsion is sold in a plastic bottle, in a 3-10 ml package (containing one or more bottles). Not all pack sizes may be marketed

DISTRIBUTORS: Alcon Hungaria Kft.
Manufacturer: Alcon Laboratories (UK) Ltd.


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